Mike MacCombie, Venture Capitalist

Doer lets you take calls with contemporary leaders across industries. Mike is an emerging leader in venture capital who consults on everything from fundraising to business strategy. He takes Doer calls at doer.expert/mikemaccombie.

Mike is an emerging stalwart of the New York tech scene, and is ubiquitous at pitch nights and panels as a commenter on startup presentations, where he stands out for his mix of good nature and direct advice. MacCombie heads up an early stage venture fund and has also advised startups on how to acquire customers, partnerships, and investment, including companies that have raised millions of dollars in seed investments and gotten into top startup accelerators.

We're a big fan of Mike's because of his keen eye for narrative and community building. He closely studies how people make decisions about buying into larger movements and ideas, and how startups can harness these ideas to gain momentum. He loves sharing his advice, and has keenly articulated reasons why a Doer call is a great way to ensure that both sides can benefit from the exchange.

Hop on a Doer call with Mike to get thoughts on reaching your market, pitching investors business strategy and more. 

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