Joshua Kissi, Creative Director

Doer lets you get advice from contemporary leaders across industries via paid video chat. Joshua Kissi manages a pioneering creative agency. He takes Doer sessions at

With a massive audience and top billing in the New York Times as early as 2011, Joshua Kissi, along with partner Travis Gumbs, grew a sophisticated visual blog into a full-service creative agency, Street Etiquette.  After campaigns and consulting for dozens of major brands, they've dug in heavily with Adidas, reimagining a number of aspects of the iconic company.

While focused on his own creative growth, Kissi is in many ways a wise veteran and font of business thoughts who keeps a trained eye on the next thing.

He's skilled in photography, creative direction, managing a creative agency, brand partnerships, trend analysis, film, and more. Speak with him at

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  Kissi, photographed by    Matthew Pandolfe    for Suited Magazine.

Kissi, photographed by Matthew Pandolfe for Suited Magazine.