Coco and Breezy, Designers

Doer lets you get advice from contemporary leaders across industries. Coco & Breezy own an eyewear company and DJ with major artists. They take Doer sessions at

Coco and Breezy are known for their daring style in public. Eyewear designers, they fear no accessory. And after a serious dive into their passion for music and dance, you might see after hours mixing funk with jersey club at events or on TV next to Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap, and Desiigner. 

But it's their business acumen behind the scenes that sets them apart. They design, produce and sell the popular Coco and Breezy Eyewear, recently featured in Forbes. And range of big companies--Samsung to Calvin Klein to Hershey's--have come to realize that the only thing they can expect from the duo as creative consultants is to be blown away, from concept to delivery. Doer helps them fit in your calls.

"If you don't see the strategy, our deal flow might seem magical," says Corianna. "But we execute a clear vision, and have a lot of insights to share with Doer clients."

"I enjoy advising entrepreneurs at any stage. We get to generate new ideas and both sides get momentum from that energy," adds Breezy.

Inspiring like-minded people is at the core of their mission. Talk strategy, creative, and more at

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