Here are the basics.

+ Complete your profile.

Your profile should paint a concise picture of your expertise and the advice you can offer. Successful profiles have a sentence like "I'm available for advice on ___." Also consider including relevant skills, work experience, and education or training.

Your link is the simple way for anyone to request your time and input, at your rate. Add your Doer link to social media, forum posts, emails, and websites, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, StackOverflow, etc. Or drop your link into your email signature or personal website.

Here are some short posts you can use:

"Want my advice on your project? Book an online consultation at"

"Schedule an online meeting with me at"

"I consult hourly on X, Y, and Z. Book at"

+ Message other Doers to schedule sessions.

You can message other users to schedule paid video sessions at their Doer link, e.g. Respond by text or in-app message to schedule a session. You can take the session on your laptop or Android device.

+ Take paid video sessions on your laptop.

We help you advise anyone by video or audio chat, at your hourly rate. Your client pays before the video session. You get a payout afterwards, according to the session length. You can have paid video sessions your laptop or Android device. You must use Chrome or Firefox.

To start, the client visits your Doer profile and clicks "request session." If you accept the session request, the client can enter payment and you can begin the session. Once the session has started, both parties can press the audio or video buttons to be heard or seen.

Either side can stop the session within three minutes for no charge. The session automatically times out at 90 minutes. If you use Firefox, you'd need to click the "enable video" popup at the upper left side of the browser.

+ Set goals. Use the right equipment.

Both sides should message in advance about the client's goals to make sure that the session will be useful and efficient. A good headset can help reduce audio feedback or assist in noisy locations. If you have limited bandwidth, consider using audio only.