Using the Platform


Make a Profile. Set a Rate.

Signing up via Facebook or Google is easy. Fill your profile out completely, including the phone verification to receive messages to your phone, and bank information, to receive payments. Your profile can be short and sweet, but be sure to include the basics about your expertise.

Share Your Link

Let people know you're ready to consult anywhere you show expertise. Social media, personal websites, forums, emails, etc. You can use the link in responses to messages requesting your time. By clicking your link, potential clients can via your profile and message you to schedule a Doer session.

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 1.32.32 AM.png

Message & Accept Requests

Doer lets you flexibly plan meeting times. Agreed on a time when you'll both be near your laptops to have the session. When both sides are ready, the client can send over a message request for the expert can accept. Once the client enters payment, the session can begin.

Take Paid Online Meetings

You must use Chrome or Firefox on your laptop. Use headphones to reduce audio feedback. Both sides should press the video icon to start a video chat. Pressing the audio buttons only will result in a dark screen with audio. Once the session ends, you'll receive a payout from Doer.

doer_v3_9_Session_Video .jpg