Peg Samuel, Social Media Specialist

Doer lets you take calls with contemporary leaders across industries. Peg is a top social media strategist who teaches at NYU. She takes Doer calls at

Peg Samuel is founder of a top social media firm and instructor on social media at New York University. She is a proven leader in online brand building and digital strategy. With twenty years experience in the digital marketing arena, Peg turned her love of communications into a lucrative and insight-driven social media consultancy specializing in social media strategy, brand influencer campaigns, and execution marketing for lifestyle, luxury, and high-profile celebrity brands--including David Lynch, Harry Connick Jr., The Grammy's, and the Summer Olympics on NBC.

Peg knows you can't do social media marketing without a strategy, and has written books and curricula on strategy development. For example, her course and best-selling book on Facebook Marketing cover the strategic process of planning and building a Facebook business presence, from generating content that speaks to a community to getting the right kind of Likes--the ones that actually matter.

To rejuvenate, rethink, or plan your company's social media strategy, hop on a Doer call with Peg. 

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