Julz Goddard, Digital Powerhouse

Doer lets you get advice from contemporary leaders across industries via paid video chat. Julz Goddard is an music, media, and entertainment impresario. She takes Doer sessions at www.doer.expert/yesjulz.

Julz Goddard, a.k.a YesJulz, is many things. As she told the Times recently in a recent feature on her: "I’m an events producer. I’m an A&R. I’m a publicist. I’m a billion things in one. I’m a host. I’m talent myself." One thing Julz isn't? Scared. "If you have . . . anything you’re trying to promote, I have a great way of making a couple hundred thousand people want to know about it." 

Julz is nothing short of an entertainment and events industry wunderkind, heading up an agency that managements top entertainment talent and books lucrative endorsements for her clients. She's close to top artists like Future, Travis Scott, and Lil Yachty. An industry estimate in the Times offered that she can mount campaigns ranging from "$25,000 to $1 million."

Julz's approach is rooted in impressive transparency and relentless drive--she's "Never Not Working," but loves what she does, including improving other businesses. For her, Doer is a simple way to connect with her ample audience and help individuals and businesses navigate her world. Learn more about Julz and her agency at www.yesjulz.com and book a call with her at www.doer.expert/yesjulz.

  Photo via  Windows .

Photo via Windows.