On brain picking

Adrienne Graham gets Doer. In her Forbes piece "No, You Can't Pick My Brain," Graham suggests she's a pretty generous person. We agree: she spends copious unpaid time on free podcasts, research, and writing intended to offer advice and spark ideas. The expertise she pours into her free content has been hard-won, at the cost of years of time and money.

But when it comes to the flood of newcomers and companies who ask for her to invest her rare free time and limited attention on their thorny issues for free, she says "not gonna happen, sorry"--her own professional and personal obligations demand full attention and effort. Free teaching and advice is a beautiful thing, but when there's more demand than you can invest time into, you need a way to know who's values your time like you do.

Adrienne has some tips, including: 

  • believe what you know is valuable and make it known there are no freebies
  • refer people to free resources you've created
  • decline coffee/lunch invitations for business advice 

We suggest another elegant option. Share your DOER link. Your link makes it clear a simple way you're open to linking up for advice and what would make the chat worth your while. At the very least, your DOER link is a great tool to have in your repertoire when responding to an inbox full of requests for more free hours than there are in your day. Give it a try here.