Ava Raiin, Singer-Songwriter

Doer lets you get advice from contemporary leaders across industries. Ava is singer-songwriter who collaborates with major artists. She takes Doer sessions at doer.expert/avaraiin.

A Texas native, singer-songwriter Ava Raiin started her music career at open mic nights in New York City. A captivating artist, she quickly found her way to working with performers like Solange Knowles, Melissa Etheridge, Blood Orange/Dev Hynes, and Carly Rae Jepsen. 

She's most recently toured with Dev Hynes, in major venues like Manhattan's Terminal 5, and is working on new solo projects. With Doer, Ava consults on vocal performance, songwriting, and artist development. She's has carved out a growing career in a competitive industry, and loves sharing what she's learned in the process.

Get Ava's thoughts on making your way in the the music industry or your music projects by scheduling a session at doer.expert/avaraiin. Or can also start your own consulting practice here.

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