Andre D. Wagner, Photographer

 (c) Andre D. Wagner

(c) Andre D. Wagner

Doer lets you talk directly by video with contemporary leaders across industries. Andre Wagner, one of the important street photographers shooting film today, takes Doer sessions at

Andre Wagner's photography is timeless on a number of levels. He works in moments—ones that uncover the way we move, talk, and posture. His is a slow approach, with old methods. A diehard traditionalist, from his Tri-X film to his Leica M6, Wagner's practice includes developing his own black and white negatives and making silver gelatin prints in a traditional darkroom. He tells old stories, like a Walker Evans or, closer, Winogrand, in contemporary times and fresh spaces.

Wagner depicts American life and its social landscape, focusing on city streets, people, public transportation, and the youth of the twenty-first century. Much of his work is quick, immediate, and focused on decisive moments. As Andre recently told the New York Times, “[i]f you think about taking the photo, you missed it,."

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Wagner received a BFA in Social Work and Digital Media in 2010, after a tenure in basketball. As Wagner told the Times, in photography you "rely on experience and reflexes, as in basketball. You practice continually, you do the drills, you know the play, but once you get out in that game you have to react to what the other team does. On the street every scene is new and the people are different and you have to react immediately—often with just your instinct.”

You can speak with this contemporary master directly at to learn what it has taken him countless hours to discover. Talk film, the industry, or your own work and get your own inspiration from a photographer whose photographs inspire a large audience every day. A brief sampling of Andre's work is below, but you can follow along at @photodre.

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