Alexandra Dickinson, Negotiator

Doer lets you take calls with contemporary leaders across industries. Alexandra is a negotiation strategist who helps you make sure you are being paid your full worth. She takes Doer calls at

The gender pay gap is pervasive and real. The Women's Law Center says that on average it take women over a decade to achieve income equality with male counterparts. It penalizes women by an average of almost a half-million dollars over the course of a career.

Alexandra works against this effect, one client at a time. Her clients set themselves up for successful negotiations through creative problem solving with an incredible success rate. Their average salary increase is $7,000, with many getting more than double that increase.

Yes, she works with men, too, and sees herself as a partner both in developing negotiation strategy and personally accountability for executing. She loves helping a range of people find promotions, raises, and even advocate for themselves in other ways in the workplace and their own lives. She's your partner in getting a fair shake.

Schedule a call with Alexandra to discuss salary and promotion negotiation, personal work satisfaction, and more. 

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